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Why Hunting Should Be Banned – A Comprehensive Answer

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In many parts of the world, it is commonplace for hunters to kill wildlife species for sport, food, hides, and skins among other products. To hunters, it is normal for them to hunt animals but recently, a backlash emerged from certain groups of society against this long-standing human practice.

Why hunting should be banned
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Hunting has been an agelong practice amongst humans. While some do it for fun, others take it as a trade which they use to cater to their everyday needs especially when they have a good shotgun. Although there are regulations from the government, more stringent rules need to be taken to conserve wildlife.

There are several reasons why there’s a widespread agitation against hunting and this article will look at some of those reasons.

Hunting Causes Suffering and Pain

This violent mode of entertainment has a way of separating families and this has left several animals orphaned and helpless.

Some also get badly wounded when hunters don’t shoot right. Quick kills and death are rare so many animals have to endure painful and prolonged deaths if they are hurt and not killed.

Bad shooting is often as a result of rickety rifles as not every hunter owns a good shotgun.

Hunters do not have any form of consideration for this aspect of animals as they are more concerned with their next kill than having to think about a hurt animal.

A recent study on deer that have been shot but not killed discovered that out of 22 deer previously shot, 11 got wounded but were never recovered by hunters.

This is the same with other animals and this is the part of hunting that hunters will not tell you.

Hunting isn’t About Population Control or Conservation

Usually, students are taught Darwin’s theory on natural selection, and this outlines that the weakest and sickest animals are prone to be preyed on.

In the event of a siege by natural predators and this leaves only the strong animals which end up passing on their genes.

Hunting makes it possible for hunters to flout this natural order as hunters go for the strongest and largest animals.

The excuse of overpopulation in wildlife is already being taken care of by natural factors such as diseases and starvation.

This is nature’s mode of making sure that only strong and healthy animals survive then pass on their genes to the younger generations.

Hunting is not an effective way of controlling wildlife populations or even wildlife management.

Most wildlife agencies prefer to use effective deterrents and repellants or even place strategic fences that discourage deer from encroaching into human habitat to search for food.

Deer also have a way of reducing breeding when food is scarce and this natural way of having fewer babies is a good population control measure.

Hunting Is Not a Normal Sport

Sport is a competition usually conducted between two individuals who consent to the rules of the sport with the assistance of an umpire.

Hunters kill animals with rifles, arrows and bows with other weapons that animals stand no chance of fighting or outrunning.

Hunters claim to obey hunting laws and killing only free animals, the truth always remains that they have an undue advantage over animals.

The Regulations are Not Enough

Even with all the regulations put in place by the government in the form of licenses, animals on hunting farms are frequently attacked by people and are generally unfit to escape the walled areas they are confined to.

Hunting most times happen on individual land, where rules and laws guiding wildlife regularly don’t have any significant bearing or difficult to uphold.

On good private properties usually set up concerning profit chasing stores or game farms, hunters go to any mile to kill exotic and native species.

These animals usually get pursued and slaughtered for the aim of giving hunters a “trophy.”

It is Motivated by Profit

Hunting is a huge business. Notably, 40% of hunters the world over kill wildlife solely for the profit they want to make.

Generally, government agencies regularly make a special effort to improve hunting instead of policing or controlling it.

To pull in more hunters, government and state offices effectively enlist kids since they realize that many people don’t take up any form of hunting especially when they are not exposed to hunting from very early stages of life.

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It Claims Nontarget Victims

Hunters do not only stand the risk of getting injured by their colleagues while hunting but also risk getting attacked by wildlife too.

There’s a story that made the rounds in the past about a teenager Camille Bomboy who was attacked and injured by a roaming bear while he was hunting deer.

Hunting accidents hurt or even kill horses, dogs, cats, cows and hikers. Thousands of injuries inflicted on hunters are usually credited to hunting.

Animals usually see hunters as threats and attack them even before they become fully aware. Dogs used for hunting are usually kept chained and denied veterinary checkups.

They are regularly kept bound and subsequently denied routine care by a veterinary doctor. For instance, they are deprived of immunizations and heartworm medicine usually given to dogs.

Some get lost in hunts and probably never get found, and other dogs who are freed toward the tail end of a hunting period to look for food themselves end up dying of acute starvation or even getting hit by vehicles.

Causes One to Develop A Violent Mindset

There was a reported case of a teenager Kip Kinkel who shot his parents at home and did open fire in the school cafeteria, injuring 22 kids and killing two.

Prior to this, he was known for animal abuse, torture and violent habits which he often boasted with. Hunting comes with a kind of orientation that causes harm and suffering to other people.

Recent studies in criminology and psychology have shown that people that commit violence against animals don’t stop at that as a great number proceed with targeting fellow humans.

Hunting also makes most trophy hunters see the world as a place where no animal should be left untouched.

Video: Why hunting should be banned

This video outlines why trophy hunting should be banned.

Hunting Is Unnecessary

Hunting is not the only way to have access to a good meal. There are too many delicious foods available.

There is the pasta, vegetables, grains and fruits which a hunter can derive satisfaction from other than killing animals in a bid to sustain themselves.

Pollution and Global Warming

While looking for any reasonable hunting grounds, hunters go on long-distance hunts. These hunting trips usually cause an enormous measure of carbon dioxide outflow from their cars.

Besides, hunters occasionally make camps in any hunting spot they feel comfortable in and could stay there for days or weeks. The campfires they make also create CO2 gas which contributes to global warming.

Another issue is the sound pollution usually caused by their guns. Hunting leads to the damage of numerous plants and backwoods. The shot additionally causes sound contamination. Hunting causes the destruction of numerous plants and the backwoods.

The lead ammo of their guns is also a danger to the earth as they can cause air contamination, soil contamination and furthermore hampers human’s normal breath.

What to Do About Uncontrolled Hunting

Enforcement of Stricter Laws

The most basic approach to reduce overhunting is the enforcement of stricter laws, particularly those prohibiting illegal trading of animals and poaching.

Policies limiting the manufacturing of products that have their raw materials from endangered species such as bears, tigers, and whales.

There should also be strict regulations guiding against. Implementation of laws to control the utilization of game meat will correspondingly offer better techniques for overseeing hunting exercises.

Creating Awareness

The web, the social media, and other sensitization platforms including schools come in handy in educating individuals on the repercussions of overhunting and the significance of stopping the practice.

The documentation of the issues related to overhunting wild animals ought to establish the underlying steps.

Protection campaigns and providing details regarding unlawful hunting just as poaching should follow especially by putting extra emphasis on the jeopardized species.

Every year, several cases of people killed by wild animals are recorded. Hunting should not be left in the hands of individuals without proper regulation by the government.

Most people argue that it is providing a source of living for those living close to ranches, but the attendant effect of this act is much and needs a complete review.

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