What is the Best Rangefinder for Hunting?

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The true test of a hunting rangefinder is its ability to detect targets from a distance of up to 1,000 meters. A good rangefinder must have about 7x magnification, angle compensation mode and fast scan mode to track moving animals.

What are the best hunting rangefinders
Photo Credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin, Commons.wikimedia.org

The range is very important in either bow or gun hunting. When you want to make an accurate firing, you have to discover your range first. That is why you have to tag along with a rangefinder when you are hunting.

The rangefinder works very well when you use it at open sights. However, if you are using magnification, it makes your target very clear. So, when next you go hunting, you have to come with the best rangefinder in the market.

Every hunter desires a great kill every day and this can only be made possible if you know your range. Therefore, having the best rangefinder will give you the necessary edge.

This article will review the best rangefinder in the market. Go through the features of each rangefinder and you will make the best purchase decision afterward.

Bushnell Bone Collector Hunting Rangefinder

This rangefinder is more suitable for bow and archery hunters. Basically, a rangefinder is a very important tool for bow hunting as it can help to improve the correctness of your release. All you need is a rangefinder that is not heavy and can pick your target easily.

Bone Collector from Bushnell is very easy to use and at the same can get the job done very well. It is not very costly and you can make use of it from difficult positions like from a tree stand. You can also use it with any other bowhunting implement that you have with you in the forest.

It is a simple well-constructed rangefinder, and its durability is not questionable. Bone Collector from Bushnell is water-resistant and has a very bright LCD vision and little magnification. This enables you to be very sure of what is close to the game so that you will not mistakenly point the laser on the forest.

The most important aspect of this 4-power optic device is its capacity to remain steady even in places where better rangefinders are not steady.

Although it is not a very outstanding rangefinder, it is suitable for the normal hunting experience.

Bone Collector from Bushnell laser comes with a 21MM lens and a Camo design that gives you the quality camouflage that works very well in the bushes. Its characteristics ensure that it can function very well in dark places.

The merit of Bone Collector from Bushnell is that it is portable enough to move around. You can also use it to hunt when it is raining because of its water-resistant nature. The Camo outlook makes it fit its surroundings and also with an illuminated LCD, the vision is very clear.

The demerit is basically about its size. It is very small when you compare with other bow rangefinders and the 9-volt energy does not last long.

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

This rangefinder is very popular in the world of golf. However, it is now used in hunting. This rangefinder will help you to curve your animals as it is very quick to discover its prey.

The rangefinder has a mode that helps you to discover your ranges in different places even when the deer is in your place. It has a 600-meter range that increases by 1-meter and has a weight of 6 oz. The glass is very good and the laser is among the best in the market.

It is not a costly rangefinder. The lens is 24MM and the 4x magnification makes it one of the best in the market. Interestingly, it has a high scanning feature that beats other rangefinders in the market. It is best used in bowhunting.

Some of the advantages of this rangefinder include that it is very cheap in terms of cost, lightweight and not difficult to move around. Additionally, it has an accurate scanning feature.

Water, dust and mud cannot penetrate the lens as it comes with different layers to shield the lens from external materials.

The downside is the night mode which cannot function in the absence of exterior illumination.

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Nikon Arrow ID Hunting Rangefinder

When you are looking for a very good rangefinder for bow hunting that has better glass, nice characteristics and is highly recommended by hunters, this Nikon arrow ID is what you need.

It is small and delivers whenever you are using it. It is a high-quality rangefinder that you can use for bow hunting and it comes with different parts that increase your capacity of hunting.  

It comes with a priority mode that gives you the best reading in a very big forest. Nikon arrow ID has Nikon’s incline/decline, water and dustproof. It is very small at 4 and a half ounces. It also has 550-yard range 1-yards increments.

It is the best rangefinder for bow hunting. The ID system enables you to measure your prey in any place. It comes with just one button, and this makes it easy to use especially with a 20.5MM eye-relief.

The merit is that it picks your prey in a given range. The ID system is very good in mountainous places and eye relief protects your eye when you are hunting.

The downside is the producer did not put this rangefinder in a box but most people tend to worry less about this.

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Ballistics Hunting Rangefinder

When you are searching for a rangefinder for gun hunting that covers many yards without spending plenty of money, Ballistics hunting rangefinder is the answer to your inquiry.

Ballistics hunting rangefinder has many parts that make it unique in the market. It is an expert device that works with the smartphone’s processing power to enable you to get the best results and range more than any other rangefinder can give you in the market.

Ballistics hunting rangefinder covers 1093 yards and displays the information on the smartphone screen to show you the result. However, you can do it physically without the assistance of a smartphone screen and still get the information you need to determine your release.

When you decide to use the ATN scope, ballistics hunting rangefinder will show the extent you should rotate the dials so that you can easily gun down your prey.

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Nikon Aculon Hunting Rangefinder

Nikon Aculon Hunting Rangefinder comes with a bright and spotless glass. This rangefinder is very tight, lightweight and can do what it is designed to do easily. It doesn’t come with other accessories that are not required by a hunter.

It only covers about 550 yards that are relatively small when you compare it with other rangefinders in the market. However, it comes with a crystal bright LCD vision with 1-yard resolution. It also gives quality information from where you are down to the position of your prey.

The far-reaching ranging technology gives you quality information. Nikon Aculon Hunting Rangefinder is easy to use and will definitely get your target with ts smooth and unique features including a good optic configuration.

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Simmons Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

Any hunter that is not too tech-savvy but is more concerned about their range than the prey, Simmons rangefinder will definitely be a good choice for them. It has a clear class and improved laser and is very quick and simple to locate your target.

With this rangefinder, you will easily discover your range. Just like most rangefinders in the market, it weighs 9.8 ounces and that is quite easy to notice. It is well made, prevents water from entering inside it and you can put it to use very easily.

It focusses only on determining your distance without any unnecessary features. It comes with 9-volt power that can last throughout a long weekend of hunting. The 4x magnification, 20MM lens and 600 yards are suitable for little range rangefinder and smart system.

The merits include that the vision is bright as a result of LCD. It is not expensive or heavy and has a better ergonomics in addition to other simple parts. The downside is that it does not come with a battery and it is not suitable for bow hunting.

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Leupold RX-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder

Leupold is among the best long rangefinders in the market. Leupold has been making top quality hunting and shooting scopes for a very long time. Leupold rangefinder comes with optics that are very clear and the best in the market.

It has water and atmospheric protective gear and also an inclinometer and scan mode. It has the capacity to examine the angle and distance very fast to give you very accurate firing information.

It works with the highest 1300-yard range and precision of -/+0.5. This ensures that you are aware of your range even in difficult ranges. It is lightweight, very quick and not expensive in terms of cost. It is often said that you will not miss your range with this rangefinder.

It has a different coated lens that gives you a wonderful light retention system and accurate precision.  

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Vortex Optics Ranger 1300 Hunting Rangefinder

Vortex is one of the latest firms that is producing hunting and shooting tools, especially in the optical area. They also produce very expensive rangefinders that come with essential accessories for long-range shooting.

It is also water-resistant and encompasses a scan mode which doubles as horizontal accurate distance and line of sight that gives you the necessary accessories to target very far shots.

Vortex has a shooting capacity of 1300 yards as its maximum. This is the most sort after long-range rangefinder in the market because it covers more than 1000 yards and beyond without any error in the process. Some of its advantages include that its visibility can be used by all hunters.

With its visibility that is good for elevated angle shots, it can reach 1300 yards at an accuracy level of +/-3 yards.

The disadvantage is that before you can pin it to prey you have to push the button three times.

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Bushnell Scout DX Hunting Rangefinder

Bushnell does not have the best products in the market in terms of rangefinders. Their optics are usually of inferior quality but this scout DX rangefinder is a tool you will definitely like to buy for hunting.

It comes with a 1000-yard range and 5-yard accuracy that will ensure you hit your prey. It can be used for both bow and gun hunting. The rangefinder has an angle adjustment and powerful water-resistant because of the insulated plastic-armored body. 

This Bushnell scout is among the sort after rangefinder in the market and can go a distance of up to 600 yards and beyond. There is a VSI technology in this rangefinder which makes it possible for you to move from one site to another like from scan, brush and Bullseye.

It comes with a magnetic attachment box and a very outstanding magnification that makes sure you have correct shots. Some of its merits include that it can be used for bow and gun hunting, has a hundred percent water resistance and is also bulletproof.

Its shortcoming is that it very difficult for it to pin down preys at night.  

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How to Use a Rangefinder When Hunting

Seasoned hunters will definitely have a rangefinder but in case you do not have one, you should strive to get one so that you can have a successful hunting exercise. When you use a rangefinder very well, it takes you a step ahead of your prey in the forest.

Many factors help you to have an accurate firing of your bow while hunting. It involves many training, right timing and good fortune to hit your game. When you acquire your new rangefinder, you have to know how it functions and the shortcomings therein.

A rangefinder is simply a laser, light meter and clock. If you direct the laser to an object, its beam will reflect and record at the light meter. The duration it requires to move from the laser to the light meter is calculated by the clock and this is used to determine correctly how far off you are from your prey.

Every object will give back a ray of light, the only thing is the amount of light it gives back. This means that any object you direct the laser on will give back some amount of light. Strong objects tend to give back a strong beam while soft objects do not give back much beam. 

For instance, stones will give back strong beam, this makes it possible for you to range it correctly from a very far distance while a deer with its delicate body will not give a strong beam and will limit the correctness of the range but all these depends on how far you are to the target.  

When the hunting season begins and you are hunting, you have to discover the landmarks in the forest. So that you will know when to fire and when to delay your fire.

Bowhunters will collect points on trees in the forest so that you can fire your arrow without any obstruction. Deer will not slow down for you to shine the beam on it, this makes it very important for you to be in a very good place because it will determine whether you gun it down or not.

Gun hunters will also identify the landmarks in the forest. You don’t have to be at a place expecting the animal to come out to your preferred location. The animals can spring surprises, so you just have to be ready at any time so that you can fire your gun after taking your reading.

If you see prey that you can kill or that is coming close to you. You just have to be cautious in order not to scare or alert the prey. With a rangefinder, you will scan the animal and ensure the animal is in a perfect place before you fire.

But do not range on the animal because they are not a strong target on the rangefinder rather range another strong target that is close, like a tree. When you are within 300 yards, the chances of accurate or inaccurate ranging will be limited.

Make sure that you do not make any noise so that your animals will not be aware of your presence.

Video: What is the best rangefinder for hunting?

This video explains the top rangefinders for hunting in 2020.

Different Types of Rangefinders

The same way rangefinders have many functions they perform, the same way you have many kinds of rangefinders. The types of rangefinders are numerous depending on the technology, but we will focus on three in this article. These include:

Laser Rangefinders

These are the most popular rangefinders in the market. They work with the help of laser technology in connection with the time of flight, triangulation and other devices that help to find an object in a forest.

This depends on the increase or decrease of the laser pulse. The beam in these rangefinders can scatter to different places because of air bubbles in the atmosphere which can result in the inaccurate range.

Optical Rangefinders

People mix up optical rangefinders and coincidence rangefinders. However, coincidence rangefinders are a kind of optical rangefinders. Optical rangefinders enable users to find out the distance of a solid target. Stereoscopic rangefinders are a kind of optical rangefinders that have double lenses. They bring together two kinds of images and make them one.

Ultrasonic Rangefinders

This is the type of rangefinders that is used in films. It works very well in navigation and identifying animals that are far away because of sound frequency. This is mainly used by mariners to find out an object that is not very close to the surface of the water.  

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rangefinder for Hunting

When you know the various types of the rangefinder and their functions, selecting the one to buy will not be an issue to you.

This article explained the various types of the rangefinder and their uses while paying special attention to their parts. People need a rangefinder for different reasons, so they put a lot of factors into consideration when they want to purchase rangefinder. Some of these factors include:

Budget and quality

Everyone likes to purchase items that are not too expensive. However, the lower price does not guarantee product quality. Bow rangefinders can go for any amount but the standard of the lens, detection ability and range are very important as well as the price.  

A rangefinder that comes at a costly price does not mean that it is up to standard. You might buy it at a very expensive rate and it will not be able to fulfill your needs.

This doesn’t mean that you should buy the rangefinder that is cheap or the one that is costly. Rather you should go for a rangefinder that is very good and not too costly.


In the optics, the range is to determine how far the laser beam moves and show you the prey. However, water and dust in the atmosphere is very important in achieving this.

Therefore, you have to buy a rangefinder that has a good range. In the optics you have to consider the angle compensation, so find out about it. You can purchase the angle compensation because it assists to find your prey easily.

Magnification is also another important feature of optics you have to consider. This helps to have a very big view of your preys but this is always affected by heatwaves, mists and many natural forces.

Try and go for the best in the market. The lens is one of the factors in determining how good or bad a rangefinder is for bow hunting.

Size and Ease of Use

Ensure you buy a rangefinder that is not heavy and can easily be moved around during hunting. You would not like to carry a bulky rangefinder that will distract you from hunting.  Try and buy a compact and tiny rangefinder.


Nobody wants to buy a rangefinder that will not last for a very long time. The ability of the rangefinder to last long is what you have to consider before you buy it. So, find out if the producer included a warranty in case of any damage.

Power source

The battery of a rangefinder is a very important part of it you have be sure of before buying it. This is because you will be using this rangefinder in the forest where you will not be close to electricity for you to charge in case it goes off. This means that you have to purchase a rangefinder that has a long-lasting battery.

Scan and Horizontal Modes

A rangefinder with powerful scanning ability makes it possible for the hunter to pin and discover much prey in the same period. Horizontal mode of the rangefinder, on the other hand, is very important if you are hunting on the hills. This uses trigonometry to find out prey on the top or bottom of the hill.


Rangefinders come with a reticle that indicates where your prey is when you are looking through a rangefinder. The LCD reticle that you have to attach to the rangefinder has very little light and this is barely effective, try and go for an illuminating reticle.


Rangefinders have 12 months warranty. This relationship between the producer and the buyer guarantees the quality of the rangefinder.


This include cleaning materials, wrist wraps, carrying storages and rubber guard. They are instruments that ascertain the standard of the rangefinder and helps to keep it safe. 

We hope this article will help your buying decision. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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