What is the Best Hunting Rifle

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Human beings are naturally disposed to hunting. Additionally, those involved in hunting are built to search after new rifles continually for improved hunting.

Have you noticed the way hunters start chatting about their gear, favorite hunt, and possibly anything related to hunting?

Well, hunters like good rifles and this is shown in the way rifle-related topics dominate their discussions. Now, what is the best hunting rifle?

In a bid to save you the stress of surfing the net, we have searched out and compiled the latest hunting rifles for your use. The result of our findings is extremely accurate and highly innovative rifles that come at an affordable price.

For hunting in rural regions, these rifles are tools used not just for sporting events but to secure the availability of meat in communities. The most preferred hunting rifles are a blend of portability, affordability and firepower. 

These hunting rifles need to be as durable and dependable as possible in order to guarantee their readiness when shooting opportunities appear. Also, they need to take out dangerous games that may likely face the hunter on reprisal attack when hunting.

Irrespective of your mode of hunting or what you are likely to hunt for, any of these rifles will motivate you to pick up your bank card and head to the woods.

We’ll view our choice of Hunting Rifles from two different categories.  Precision rifles and Budget hunting Guns.

Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle is the largest trend influencing the Sports of Shooting presently. It’s awesome for hunters because it is driving manufacturers to endless forms of improvements and higher levels of real shooting accuracy. These rifles have a model we call “Active Rifle Shooting.”

The PRS- type series is basically comprised of several ten-shot stages, where each of the guns are fired continuously at random targets from randomly scattered points, within a 2 minutes time band. 

Here, coaching is not permitted, so shooters will comprehend their misses and impacts and adapt relative to errors associated with the shooting. For example, wind calls.

Like in every competitive shooting discipline, dedicated shooting rifles that are upgraded for sporting events have been introduced. They’re usually heavy pump-action guns sporting Ten-round removable magazines. They also have a cheek rest height, and stocks that can be fitted to all sizes of pulling length.   

They’re often partitioned in light 6mm and/or 6.5-millimeter cartridges that recoil using quick twist rates necessary for stabilizing bullets maintaining velocities at far distances.

So, most PRS guns aren’t best suited for hunting due to their weight and the chassis-made stocks made from machined aluminum. Nevertheless, if you seek lethality or precision for field hunting, then you met one of the best weapons in the world. PRS rifles are effective for shooting.

Some advantages of Precision Rifles

PRS-type guns are enhanced for precision and this also goes for those light in weight.

The choice of caliber is repulsive, but you can easily choose a 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor. Its recoiling is mild and by default the rifles are accurate in shots, plus they’re effective for long-range shooting. Also, the rifle’s weight is reduced making it easy for hunters to hold and suitable to launch attacks on antelopes, deer, even elks.

Usually, the stocks are made at the best fit for human ergonomics. This means that they are made to help you attain stable positions in an operation to further enhance your accuracy and quality of shots.

Another advantage is that most parts of the rifle are configurable to allow easy finesse of the Cheek rest to suit the hunter’s height. Also, the length of the stock is configurable to allow the right fitting when handling.

In passing, it is also important to know that the composite stocks aren’t configurable. This is because having adjustable LOP and Cheek rests increases the weight of the gun.

Actions and barrels have higher concentricity and very low tolerances that makes it stand out from other hunting rifles. This explains why precision type guns basically shoot out sub-MOA types while the good ones release below-half-MOA types having their choicest ammo.  

Furthermore, there are more precision shots using this rifle. But that doesn’t mean that the rifle will automatically make you take completely accurate shots. Rather, you’ll have cleaner results compared to other rifles and this is because the rifle stock is massaged to meet shooters’ positions thus, enabling effectiveness.  

Below is an exposition on recommended precision rifles for hunting. 

Remington M700 Rifle Magpul

This rifle is produced by Magpul. It is configurable using sets of LOP spacers and separate height cheekpieces. 

As the cheapest of the 3 rifles appeared here, it carries standard-issues components. While using 5R rifling, the barrel is the production-grade made tube. The shot is accurate by default, being the M700 but it is not mapped.

The Magpul synthetic stock remains an injection-formed model, which means it is not as rigid as the carbon fiber hand-laid stock.

Furthermore, the Magpul M700 rifle is at a reasonable price in dollars and delivers all necessary performances needed to start off in a sport like PRS and then develop your hunting accuracy.

The rifle, Magpul M700 is sectioned in 4 different cartridges: .260 Remington, 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor, And the .308 Winchester. The day it was first introduced (only available in .308), one of it was tested.

we found out that the M700 Magpul shot out three of its four loads. They were tried in the sub-MOA divisions. Note that this test was painstaking. It comprised of 3 consecutive 5 shot groups yet not allowing the heat in the barrel wear off. Superb Performance indeed.

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Seekins Havak Precision Rifle

Seekins produces a large line of AR-category rifles whose parts are highly sought after and is about my most preferred heavy-load precision rifle. Only a few people are aware that Seekins manufactures fine heavy-duty rifles with such precision.

It possesses qualities that can match in comparison, custom rifles in their full capacity. These other custom rifles could cost about double the price of the Seekin Havak rifle. 

The Havak rifle is constructed on customized-grade action. A matching Superb quality barrel that matches is fitted and properly embedded in a superlight real-deal stock from carbon-fiber.

CNC-machined actions are perfectly balanced and true. Also, bolt’s lugs remain lapped to single action. The barrels plus 5R rifling are precision-type and surprisingly have large diameters. This allows for stiffness needed in precision and the weight in hilltop-rifle levels are reduced as a result of deep fluting. 

The Havak’s major drawback is that it lacks a configurable stock. What it carries is an LOP and you’ll need at least one add-on if in need of any adjustable cheekrest. On the advantage, the stage is light, firm like railroads and shockingly stiff.

A hunter friend of mine placed order for a 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor then got a built-to-choice type of rifle within 3 months. 

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The MPR Christensen Arms

If you prefer the chassis look of a gun, this unique rifle is what you’ve been looking for.  It is excellently designed and customized by Christensen having a wide diameter. It has a fitting barrel covered with carbon fiber and fixed into a folding chassis that is configurable.

Its outstanding ergonomics are made using an adjustable stock. Its ammo tolerance and unique accuracy are as a result of its barrel that is covered in carbon fiber. 

The carbon fiber helps control barrel oscillations as it makes the spine rigid, leading to a steady bull-barrel tube yet light for a mountain rifle. In addition to the hand-lapped tolerance bore, the MPR also delivers with consistency and accuracy.

As some hunters may not be appreciative of its folding stock made of Aluminum parts (which turn cold and becomes rather noisy at field operations), hunters who are free with the MPR will be pleased to realize its usefulness.

 Its surfaces (Stock -to-skin) are either rubber or carbon fiber made. This is to reduce its cool-feel factor, making it possible for the hunter to carry the rifle from behind and slant it across. This would also enable him to climb rough terrains.

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Budget Hunting Guns

Have you been in search of hunting rifles that are cheap yet can deliver when it’s needed? Then look no further, because we have your answer.

A long time ago they used to be called a “pile of junk” as a code-named “budget hunting gun”. Today, that no longer exists. Many gun producing organizations now produce reasonably affordable, yet still quality hunting guns in most prominent hunting calibers.

Although it is true that most cheap hunting rifles appear less effective than other lethal hunting rifles discussed above, they shouldn’t be written off easily. We assure you that the list of rifles we’ll be discussing below is extremely capable of becoming lethal weapons in the hands of an expert.

In the past few decades, cheap hunting rifles have been designed to deliver at an optimum pace. So, whether you are hunting big games such as hogs, elks or deer and the likes, our list promises to help you find the right rifle for your adventure.  Here are the lists of these rifles.

Thompson Center .270 Winchester (The Compass)

Although the Thompson center has a record to produce quality muzzleloaders, yet the organization manufactures a few rifles too. It may not be the finest rifle on earth, but it is accurate, possessing an adjustable trigger.

Having properties such as a sixty-degree bolt handler for enhancing quicker cycling when shooting. It is light in weight, and has a detachable magazine with the barrel threaded, giving room for the suppressor. 

The Winchester .270 is a remarkable, flat-shooting rifle for shooting many games. You can also find it at the .223 Remington in case you’d prefer having a rifle more suited for hunting varmint or predators.

Putting everything into consideration, the Compass appears to be amongst the most preferred hunting rifle. This is because it is first affordable and yet possesses great qualities.

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The 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor Axis (Savage Arms)

The Savage Arms suddenly became popular within the last few decades. This happened when they started producing hunting rifles that are affordable for hunters that needed efficient but affordable rifles. 

This Axis is one of the recently produced rifles in their stack-up. This Rifle called Savage Axis may not be the most preferred at first sight because of its non-attractive look, but it sure delivers to hunters’ taste.

It does not have plenty of whistles and bells but, it’s a budget rifle many hunters would find effective after a trial. It is very affordable, incredibly accurate, lightweight, in short, it does the required job.

Particularly, when the rifle is fixed with a plain-shooting cartridge, it allows you to take long-distance shots on a hart or deer hunt. With the rifle attached to a 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor, you are likely to hunt in the wild without many recoils.

In the end, we can say that Savage Axis rifles are amongst the best guns for any hunter trying out the sport. This is because it is a valuable rifle.

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Mossberg’s .308 Winchester (Patriot Combo)

Mossberg became commonplace in town by itself when they started to designed and manufactured precision Shotguns at an affordable price. 

They tilted completely into the guns market, skill keeping to their initial vision of altering the games market by making and selling very affordable rifles at with great quality.

This Mossberg Patriot was the first of them. It was sold at a ridiculously low price yet offering features like the recessed crown, adjustable trigger which of course is standard for all rifle versions. It also had a fluted barrel and drop-box magazine.

Furthermore, it comes with a package carrying a Sportsman’s Guide, a synthetic shoe and a vortex Scope that is 3-9 by 40mm. it is just the perfect rifle for any hunt from a whitetail deer in thick woods or taking shots from very far distances, without much recoil.

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Weatherby’s .300 WinMag Vanguard Two Synthetic 

The Weatherby guns are popular in rural areas for two major things: their accuracy and cost of purchase. That was altered in Weatherby’s vanguard 2 Series. It comes along with a guaranteed sub MOA, having less than one inch with over a hundred yards. 

However, the Series 2 rifle is unique for one thing. Its price is relatively cheaper than other expensive bolt-action guns which Weatherby has made.

It also possesses adjustable triggers as features; synthetic stock, hammer-forged barrel, a composite stock that are lightweight having its recoil pad. If The hard-hitting and flat-shooting cartridge is chambered in the Magnum .300 Winchester, the Weatherby could be the preferred budget rifle for long-distance shooting at tough prey like Elks.

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Video: Best rifles for hunting

This video outlines rifles you can use for hunting.

.30-06 Compact Ruger Rifle (American)

 The American Ruger rifle possesses everything you would ever desire in your choice of a best suiting hunting gun with a reasonable budget. It is light in weight, very accurate in precision, possesses the Marksman Ruger Adjustable trigger plus it is very reliable.

Although it isn’t accompanied by a guaranteed sub-MOA like the Weatherby rifle, you shouldn’t be surprised that your compact American Ruger rifle would still deliver at a high-performance level.

When it comes to the rifle being chambered like the Springfield .03-06, it still wouldn’t produce deliver much.

No doubt this exposition has enlightened you a bit on the different choices of hunting rifles you may need for your adventure. However, I have added something that you would find valuable for hunting. It is one of those items that hunters would need in their adventure. It’s called the Rifle Skin

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GunSkins Rifle Skin 

Premium Gun Wrap (Vinyl) having Pre-cut Pieces – an installation made easy and suits any Rifle – 100% Water-resistant Matte Finish (non-reflective).

Ability to fit any rifle – the rifle skins aligns with any shape.  It is designed to suit any sporting or hunting rifle. the full kit comprises a forend, the receiver, a barrel that is about 29 inches in length and a traditional buttstock.

Easy Vinyl wrap Installation- A do it yourself pattern of installation where you can choose how little or how much to cover with the aid of unique installation videos and precut templates. To fit its vinyl to its edge, you’ll need a heat gun.

Installation takes a few hours. No waiting period, rather it’s set for immediate use once you get the installation right.

Water Matte Finish (Non-Reflective)- rifle skins are produced from premium vinyl of high performance. The automotive vinyl is 100 percent water-resistant and compact. This is essential in hunting, especially in swampy areas. No rust, no rain, no worries.

It is detachable and does not leave any Residue behind- this special quality helps maintain the market value of your gun for reselling. To remove it, simply apply heat and take it out. The product surface will remain as good as new or just before installation. So, you can easily change your style for different hunting seasons.

We hope this was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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