How to Keep Hunting Clothes Scent Free

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It is a normal practice for hunters to move away from ranches close to their state in search of large animals. In the course of doing this, getting a kill is usually under probability as a lot of factors come to bear and top on the list is usually the hunter’s scent.

Animals have a high sense of smell which serves as a protective mechanism against any danger in their immediate environment. They can use their nose to perceive the scent of the hunter even before the hunter sees them, thereby making them escape without been killed by the hunter.  

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Whenever they smell any breathe, their brains analyze the scents around the environment and checks if there is any danger. However, animals do not just run away whenever they get the scent of human. if they do that, they will be very tired of running aimlessly.

What they do is to determine if the scent is extremely high. If it is high, it means a threat to their life and they will run away from that location.  

For hunters to get the chance to kill animals, they have to find a way to keep their hunting clothes scent-free. When you decrease the scents coming from your clothes, you have higher chances of killing animals in the forest. So, this article will explain to you how to keep hunting clothes scent-free.

Various Ways to Keep Hunting Clothes Scent Free

There are different methods you can adopt to remove scents from the hunting clothes, some of these methods include the following:

Wash Clothes with Detergent

Wash clothes with the best hunting-friendly detergent. Apart from your body, you have to examine all the hunting accessories that you use to hunt in the forest.

After each hunting expedition, use a washing machine to wash all your clothes. Also, wash other accessories with detergents to remove all the scents that you must have accumulated while you are hunting in the wild.

After washing the clothes, you have to add an odorless substance in the dryer before you put the clothes there. This action will remove the scents from the clothes while you are drying them.  

Furthermore, carefully flush the washing machine before you place the hunting clothes in the machine. This will help to remove phosphate and detergents used at home which can easily make the hunting clothes unfit to be used for hunting.  

Also, do not wear a particular hunting cloth for a long time. You have to buy many hunting clothes so you can wear different hunting clothes each day. This will help you to wash the hunting clothes while you still have others to wear without wearing them out with detergents used at home.

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Dry Clothes Outside     

If you have the means, dry the hunting clothes on the lines outside after washing them with machines. When you place them on the ropes outside, the scents from the detergents will evaporate.

The implication of this is that the hunting clothes will not retain the scents from the detergents when they are dry. When you cannot flush out all the scents from the dryer before using it to dry your clothes, ensure you allow natural air to touch the hunting clothes.

Do this by hanging them on the ropes outside for some time before you put them away. Make sure you hang it on the ropes that are not close to smoke and other strange scents.  When you are through with washing the hunting clothes and it’s time to sun dry them outside, ensure you put on hand gloves.

Put on gloves whenever you are touching the hunting clothes. Do this until you are ready to clean them after hunting. In the absence of a rope, you can hang the clothes on a fence.

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Keep in Scent Free Box

When the clothes are dry, you have to keep them in a box. This keeps away any scents from the clothes. A scent crusher bag is a perfect bag for keeping the hunting clothes because it has compartments that you can hang them and keep all the hunting accessories.

Ensure that the clothes are completely dry before you put them away from the sun drying lines. But if they are slightly wet, the closed box will start a chemical process that will give rise to scent. Avoid putting leaves, dirt, pine boughs, or different products in the box that have the clothes.

If you leave the clothes in the box for more than one week, it will start developing an odor. So, you have to put a baking soda in the box as this will help to dry up the moisture in the box. With this method, you will be able to reduce or eliminate scents from your clothes while in the box.

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Scent Killer Shower

Take your bath with an odorless soap or shampoo and wear a good, odorless laundry deodorant. The scent coming from human beings scare whitetail deer away very fast.

So, you can remove this scent by taking your bath with odorless soaps before you start hunting.  It is important to dry your body with a clean towel that was washed with normal detergent.

Endeavor to wash the towel with the same detergent you used to clean the hunting clothes and keep the towel inside the same box you used to keep the hunting clothes. Also, be certain that the towel is dry before you put it away unless you want it to start developing an offensive odor.

Some hunters take their bath 3 to 5 minutes before they head to the bush. When you wash your body, it will remove the bacteria that produce scent on your body. Make sure you wash your armpits, groin, head and other parts of your body that will produce the bad scents while you are in the forest.

When you are done drying your body, spray baking soda on your body or anything that stops your body from producing scents while in the forest. This will kill the bacteria that produce sweats which results in scents. Remember to also apply antiperspirant to your feet.  

Make sure you go to the toilet at least two times before taking your bath. When you follow this process, it will ensure that you remove all impure areas as a result of faeces or urine.

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Dress In the Field

When you are ready to go into the forest for hunting, do not wear your hunting clothes or bring it out from the box until you are in the forest.

Some hunters make the mistake of wearing their boots while they are at home or out on a stroll in the evenings, this might make the hunter pick scents when they stop at a gas station to fill their car. When you get to the forest, this scent can easily be sensed by the animals which scares them away easily.   

What you have to do is to wear casual clothes when you are journeying to the forest and put on your hunting clothes when you get to the forest. This looks like a very difficult practice, but the result will improve your chances of killing animals in the forest.

Scent Killer Unit

You can apply a scent removal unit while you are hunting in the forest. This unit spreads ozone that eliminates odor molecules. It is bigger than air, so it moves the air to the ground before the odor can be sensed by the animals thereby eliminating the scents.  

There are many kinds of scent killer units, however, Ozonic is the one that is mostly used by hunters. Ozonic is very important even if you have taken other steps to eliminate scents from the hunting clothes. Ozonic units go a long way to remove body odor.

This is to say that if you apply ozonic units while hunting, it will keep removing body scents throughout the period you are in the forest hunting.

Scent Suits

This is also another technique to keep the hunting clothes free of scents while you are hunting in the forest. You can go to any extent to make sure that the animals do not smell your scent.

You can apply all the above methods so that the deer, for instance, will not perceive your presence in the forest. When you leave scents behind a particular place while you are hunting, it scares animals away and makes them not come close to the place even at night.

When you fail to use the scent suits as instructed, they will not work efficiently to put off scents from your clothes. You have to adhere to the manual and put them in the box that is odorless just like the other hunting clothes.

Drive to Property

Remove carpet from the car to eliminate the scent and push away airs from the car. Do not engage in pumping gas while you are driving to the forest for hunting.

You can buy fuel but make sure that all the hunting clothes are kept in the box. Also, you can buy fuel when you are driving back but make sure you have removed all the hunting clothes and put them properly in the box.  

Do not buy fuel after you have taken your bath or when you are wearing hunting clothes. This is because when gasoline touches your hand, animals can perceive it when they are not even close to you.

Stay Downwind

Constantly examine the wind direction before and while you are hunting so as to prevent the wind from blowing the scents from the hunting clothes towards the animals. Whenever the angle of the wind changes, ensure you move away from your current location.  

Always put this into consideration when you are looking for a place to construct the tree stand. The most efficient way to stop the circulation of odors throughout the forest is to be downwind.

Examine the movement of the wind when you want to construct the tree stand so that the wind will not be blowing toward the angle of the tree stand thereby giving up your scent.  

You can forecast the wind direction on weather apps and websites and examine the wind direction properly when you are in the forest. The wind must be moving towards a lake, pond, or even a cliff.

Scent Elimination Spray   

You have to apply good scent elimination sprays like the popular Scent Killer Gold. You also have to apply scent proof gloves on the hunting clothes a day before the hunting and ensure that the spray dries inside the hunting clothes and put it back to the box.

Apply the scent killer to the various parts of the clothes, especially those parts that produce more sweats. You can mix baking soda in water to achieve this process. When you use scent-eliminating spray, it will kill any human odor that is remaining or you produced while you are going to the hunting forest.

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Cover Scents  

When you step on cow faeces, it will help to reduce the scent, and even in most situations, it will make deer come to your direction. This is most effective if you do it in an area that has agriculture but not effective when you match cow faeces and take it to a dry area.

Cover scents are very important in bow hunting so it is very critical for you to select an odor that is well known in the place you are carrying out the hunting. When you use white oaks scents in places that you have cedars, it means that no animal will be attracted to your direction.

Animals know the scents in their location, therefore ensure you select the right scent. Firms that manufacture scents have good understanding of their products more than anyone out there, so they will guide you on how to use it to achieve the best result.

These scents in the market are very effective and can achieve your aim with just a small spray of it on the hunting clothes. You can also use leaves and stick as cover scents. Even when the wind is blowing towards you thereby giving up your scents, the animals will still be calm.

Scent Free Gloves

If you are packaging the hunting clothes, it is advisable that you put on rubber gloves. Doing this will decrease the possibility of bacteria growing on the hunting clothes.

Also, ensure you are putting on the gloves while you are moving to the forest in order to reduce the odor, most importantly when you have to carry a limb.  

If you cannot touch anything when you are going to the tree stand and when you are going out, it will help to keep the scent down.

Furthermore, put on the gloves when you are spraying the scent. Animals that are coming close to this area are very careful and will be scared away once they smell the scent of a human being.

Walking To Your Stand or Camp

It is essential to take your time when you are going to the tree stand. So, avoid rushing while walking to the tree stand to avoid producing sweat before you get to the tree stand.

What you should do is to start very early, so that you will not have any sweat on you when you get to the stand. If time is the issue, it is advised that you take it easy and arrive at your stand later than to get to your stand very early and sweating. 

Do not walk on animal trails, rather use step overs and wide steps. Most animals smell their trails while walking around, so it might catch the boot scent if you step on its trail and run away from you.

Avoid putting on your boots while hunting. This will bring to the hunting area unnecessary scents that will scare the animal way. Boots can retain scents for a very long time, so avoid using working boots entirely.

The best way to use the boots is to wear them when you are in the hunting area, so as to stop the boots from taking up odors when you stop at eatery or gas stations.  

Ensure you select good entrance and exit points. This makes it possible for you to climb to the tree stand and avoid the area that is used by animals. This means that you will not leave any scent behind which can scare the animals away. So you have to enter the tree stand through a cow pasture.

Video: How to keep hunting clothes scent free

This video explains how you can keep your hunting clothes scent free.

Scent Free Area

Keep the hunting clothes in odourless places in your home or barn. The best thing to do is to buy a scent elimination closet or bag. Put the clothes inside and keep them in odourless places. You can also keep other hunting tools in this odourless room.

You can also keep other clothing that have been washed with detergents and dried in this room. Avoid making things difficult for yourself by repeatedly keeping the hunting clothes in rooms that will help it to develop scents easily.

Storing Boots

You have to store the hunting boots in good locations, preferably a different box. You can keep the boot outside the house inside a box that comes with natural scents.

This gives the boot a natural scent. However, when you have an odorless place in the home to keep the boot, for instance, scent elimination closet, put the boots there.

You can hunt with knee-high rubber boots and put your trouser inside them. Avoid putting on the boots when you are in your house or in locations that do not demand them. Just wear the boot when you are in the forest

Scent Transfer

Understand scent transfer. I have explained majority of the scents you might bring into the forest. Think about the odour transfer in the forest. Each time you come in contact with one thing in the forest, you are dropping your scent.

The scent will persist for some time and the distance it will travel will be determined by moisture, temperature and different kinds of issues. You have to put on rubber-bottom boots and avoid holding anything with the bare hands so as to reduce the scent transfer.

The more places you hold, the more smell you will transfer. This will make the animals to easily notice your presence in the forest. When you reduce the level of scent transfer, be sure that many animals will be very close to the tree stand.


When you are done eating in the morning, brush your teeth using baking soda. This is not as minty as toothpaste, but baking soda usually reduces mouth odor. The overlooked issue in controlling scent is the proceeds from the mouth.

If you take care of yourself very well, you will kill mouth odor in a few days. Do not consume garlic, pepper onions and chocolate if you have plans to enter the forest for hunting. Just take chlorophyll tablets and vanilla chewing gum as they ensure that your breath is odorless.  

Do not smoke while you are hunting and even when you are not hunting. You need to know that if you smoke after taking your bath then the aim must have been defeated.

Also, avoid chewing tobacco. This will make it impossible for you not to be perceived in the forest as a result of the high scent of wintergreen flavoring coming from the chewing tobacco.

Scent Elimination Wipes

You have to go for scent free wipes because it is cheap, easy to use, and offers quick removal of scents in the wild. You can also use rag which was washed with a scent free laundry detergent.

However, they are difficult to move around when you compare it with scentless wipes. Using scent-free wipes will make you odorless after trekking long distances in hot weather conditions.

When you climb on top of the tree stand, use one wipe carefully without any noise as this will make you odorless. There are many kinds of wipes available for use.

Creams like phase cream can also be used to stop the stench of the dead skin until when you are through with hunting. Knowing how to apply them at the appropriate time is also key to a successful hunt.

We believe this article was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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