How to Apply for Hunting License?

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Are you new in hunting? Are you making efforts to find out what is required before your first hunt? Then don’t fret as you are not alone in this.

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All over the world, several new hunters go to the field annually. Generally, the initial procedure is to complete the hunter’s security training and pass the hunter’s training test to enable them to obtain a recognized hunting license.

As a rule, Hunters must have the mandatory hunting license in all provinces.

What is a Hunting License?

This is a Government-issued proof that you have completed the hunter’s security training. Hunting licenses are usually issued within state or regional wildlife agencies and can be issued in form of cards or certificates.

In most cases, you get both. With your license, you can buy hunting brands and enter sweepstakes. Proof of a good hunting training has been recognized in America and other countries.

The approved age for issuance of a hunting license varies from country to country. However, in most cases, you must complete a hunter’s security training course before becoming eligible to purchase a recognized hunting license.

Now to the Question, what does Hunter Education Mean?

Formal hunting training was conducted in the past to ensure adequate public safety. Recently, hunter security training has developed to include instructions from certified instructors on hunter safety and online training programs approved by agencies controlling wildlife.

Almost all Provinces allow parts of hunter security courses that are needed online, reducing the time that hunters spend in a physical class. In most Provinces and States, the online section is followed by a field day handled by a hunting instructor.

You must be fully prepared for the field day with your full hunting regalia and a good boot.

Usually, the hunting class comes in after completion of training to certify the hunter and issuance of hunting permit. The hunter’s training test can include a written test, a direct assessment, or evaluation of specific safety materials for hunters.

Specialized online training for hunters has turned to a common choice for intending hunters. With online hunting training, you get hunting licenses easily.

Learn and take part in online courses

Make a one-time payment and print the online voucher

Visit your state / province tracking class and obtain your license

Now, How to Get Started

There are several jurisdictions where new hunters can complete and verify all their hunter training courses online.

Most countries offer a comprehensive online hunter training program that allows you to obtain your license if you meet age and Province requirements.

Educational Requirements

To hunt or buy a hunting license in most provinces, the law requires:

Submission of competency certificates for hunting and firearms security (required by all first-time hunters) or, a certificate stating that you have been issued a hunting license before July 1, 1977.

A certificate stating that you’ve been hunting in a private property before July 1, 1977, and are legally exempted from buying a hunting license, or Certificate that you obtained a non-resident license and only hunt water birds.

Exception: Compliance with hunter training and safety requirements does not apply to those who only hunt waterbirds with a 3-day license.

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Full license for hunting season

Allows hunting of legal game mammals and birds during the season without any additional seal, except for deer during the archery season, muzzleloader season, migratory birds, fur animals and black bears.

This license can also use marble deer seals.

There’s also a provision for apprenticeship hunting license which is available to residents and non-residents who are alien to hunting. A good completion of a recognized hunter’s security program online is required before purchasing a license.

An intern must be at least eighteen years old and have a valid hunting license for non-apprentices in most areas.

A person cannot obtain a training permit if he has previously obtained a hunting permit.

The following are required to use an apprenticeship hunting permit:

(1). Successfully complete an online hunter security course before payment can be made. Proper stamps are of importance in hunting deer and migratory birds (archery, muzzle pressure, and deer bonus).

(2). An apprentice hunter has to be followed and guided by a resident of the area at least eighteen years of age who has a legal hunting license for non-apprentices.

(3). Student hunters and mentors must hunt at close range so the mentor will control the archer or firearm.

(4). An apprentice hunter could hunt without company if a complete hunter’s safety course is followed and certificate of competence for firearm and hunting security is issued.

Video: How to apply for hunting license

This video explains the steps involved in getting a hunting license.

Training Needs for Trappers

Anyone who catches or tries to catch a trap (beaver, coyote, long leg ferret, mink, medlar, opossum, raccoon, red fox, red beaver and skunk) under the guidance of the approver must have trapper training certificates from the department (or from departmental representatives).

Types of Licenses available for hunters

Consolidated Seniority License

This license is not valid, but those who have it are usually experienced and don’t need to buy a seal for senior hunting, archery or sword fighting.

However, you need to pay for an ant nest stamp (for hunting ant nest), migration seals (for migratory bird hunting), and natural resource management department with hunting permission (if necessary).

Big Game records can be obtained free of charge from anywhere at the Natural Resources Agency, licensed agents, personally or by post from the natural resources department of your province.

Short-term Licenses

Allows residents to hunt all wild animals except deer, bears and turkeys for three consecutive days. In most provinces, Migratory game seals are required in hunting migratory birds, while federal seals are needed to hunt poultry and waterfowl.

This seal is needed for all those who hunt birds (snipe, pigeon, rail, waterfowl, snipe and partridge), including those who do not need a seal but have a higher license.

The hunter must have a receipt that shows proof of procurement when hunting migratory birds. Hunters who have the right to hunt with no license don’t need to buy archery, swordfish or deer stamp.

Hunters that have a Consolidated Senior Lifetime license don’t have to buy archery or muzzle stamps but have to buy a deer bonus.

Special Permission for Handicapped Hunters

Application for this license is available from the Wildlife and Regional Heritage Service Department of Natural Resources in every country.

Universal Disability Card (Previously known as Hunting with a Vehicle License). Hunters with limited mobility can receive special permission to hunt from vehicles.

Your doctor must confirm your application to enter for this hunting license.

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Who Can Hunt without a License?

Hunting without a hunting permit is illegal unless exempted from these requirements as outlined in this portion. You do not need to have a hunting seal or license if you qualify for any of the following:

Take note that you have to go hunting with a good rifle.

  • Each individual must have a license according to the provision for hunting. To be eligible for this exception, landowners do not have to live in that property, and you have to prove the ownership.
  • An individual (and their spouses) who holds land for rent for agricultural reasons or lives in the farmland while hunting there too.

This is also applicable to the children if below 16 years of age. Also inclusive are kids and grandkids of the owner and their spouse if they have previously lived on that property or have worked consecutively on that property for 30 days.

  • Someone who served in the US Armed Forces and is affiliated with disability services and has a genuine military ID when hunting.

A retiree or a former US Armed Forces retiree who hunts on the farmland and is confirmed to be in good farming condition.

  • A military retiree who continuously hunts on a farmland land without a license must have a retired military ID and written authorization from the landowner that shows the relationship between the person and the owner.


Hunters who don’t need a license have to receive a free Identification number and free crop report in a big game if they want to hunt. These licenses are available from the Natural Resources Service Center, the Department of Natural Resources sports license of every hunting Province.

Citizens who hunt in a state must purchase a non-resident hunting license when they are hunting outside their territory. Nonresidents who have properties in a territory and hunt there are requested to buy a nonresident license for hunting.

Individuals exempted from hunting license demands are all subject to state hunting and fishing laws. Hunter’s training and safety requirements apply to anyone who hunts in territories under the supervision of the Government.

We hope that this article was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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