The hunting slingshot, resolute in nature, with sharp edges like a tiger’s fang and a stretchy band, is a hunting tool that moves in a swift manner to target and hunt down prey. The slingshot is an imperative hunting tool that requires a hunter’s dexterity in utilizing it. Ever wondered why such a pocket-sized tool… (0 comment)

A hunting knife is one of the tools a hunter keeps handy before he commences his hunt. It is a type of knife used during hunts for preparing the game used for food. The knife is usually used for skinning the captured animal and cutting it up for meat. A hunting knife is totally different… (0 comment)

Are you new in hunting? Are you making efforts to find out what is required before your first hunt? Then don’t fret as you are not alone in this. All over the world, several new hunters go to the field annually. Generally, the initial procedure is to complete the hunter’s security training and pass the… (0 comment)

Human beings are naturally disposed to hunting. Additionally, those involved in hunting are built to search after new rifles continually for improved hunting. Have you noticed the way hunters start chatting about their gear, favorite hunt, and possibly anything related to hunting? Well, hunters like good rifles and this is shown in the way rifle-related… (0 comment)

If you own a dog and you have great love for outdoor activities such as swimming, retrieving, hiking and more, you will agree that they are forms of adventure and fun for both you and your dog.  This is especially true for hunting, which is a recreational exercise that helps train dogs to grow into… (0 comment)

How to Become a Hunting Guide Do you have interest in becoming a hunting guide and you’ve been surfing the internet to know how to become one and answers have not been forthcoming? Well, worry less as this article will give you a comprehensive explanation on what being a hunting guide entails and how to… (0 comment)

Hunting has an enormous effect on wildlife populations and there’s no end in sight for this sad development as more hunters spring up daily. Recent research in the United States reveals that hunting has led to an unfortunate 83% reduction of wildlife population especially those within forty kilometres of cities and roads. The result of… (0 comment)

Hunting involves a good measure of skill and patience but you are likely not to see much action if you don’t have a good eye assistant. Hunting binoculars come in handy as they take the next big role after your weapon in hunting. That is why it is important that you go with the right… (0 comment)