It is a normal practice for hunters to move away from ranches close to their state in search of large animals. In the course of doing this, getting a kill is usually under probability as a lot of factors come to bear and top on the list is usually the hunter’s scent. Animals have a… (0 comment)

Every hunter once started out as a novice and this involves using easy tools while in the wild. One of the easy tools the newbies always go hunting with is the hunting crossbow. A crossbow is a medieval bow that is fixed across a wooden pull and has a groove on the bolt with a… (0 comment)

There is a general belief that safeguarding the environment and curtailing the killing of endangered species are both of immense importance to wildlife. Presently, wildlife is facing serious challenges that include poaching, climate change, and destruction of the habitats. Some people also see big game hunting which is otherwise known as trophy hunting as one… (0 comment)

Duck hunting is seen by many people as the hardest form of hunting because it requires the use of many accessories. Also, the stringent regulations guiding it could be discouraging for newbies. Other problems that are likely to come up during duck hunting might include the placement of decoys, knowledge of the types of duck… (0 comment)

Hunting is more of a learned skill that can turn to a successful trade if you follow the right procedures. It is not an all-comers affair as a lot of factors come to bear and the life of the hunter is of utmost importance in the chain of considerations. Going hunting demands a lot and… (0 comment)

A safety harness is the hunter’s greatest companion especially for hunts that will involve climbing of trees at some point. It has a simple role to play and that’s to protect the hunter from falling. When you attach the safety harness to a treestand, you are sure to prevent an unfortunate fall as the harness… (0 comment)

The true test of a hunting rangefinder is its ability to detect targets from a distance of up to 1,000 meters. A good rangefinder must have about 7x magnification, angle compensation mode and fast scan mode to track moving animals. The range is very important in either bow or gun hunting. When you want to… (0 comment)

Hunting has always been considered a relevant part of human activities and existence. In the past, it was taken up by individuals as a means of livelihood and entertainment. People engaged in hunting as a means of obtaining food and as a veritable source of income. Some also engaged in hunting to prevent animal encroachment… (0 comment)

People who enjoy hunting spend long hours in the woods and they can attest to the undisputedly rough terrain associated with it. The ground hunters step on and time spent on a particular expedition has a severe impact on their feet hence it is imperative to go with the best hunting boots. Acquiring a pair… (0 comment)

Hunting has continued to evolve greatly in line with technological innovations in the last decade. While there has been a slow adaptation to some, like the use of drones for spotting game. Most hunters have embraced the GPS as a mainstay. A GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system exclusively employed by soldiers to examine and… (0 comment)